Norma manners are the rules

Norma manners are the rules of life that arises from the results of the association group. Politeness norms are relative, meaning that what is considered the norm of Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia  modesty vary in different places, the environment, or time.

Examples of good manners are the norm:

Respect for older people.
Always accept something with the right hand.
Not to speak dirty, rude, and arrogant.
Do not spit in any place.
not interrupted.

Norma manners are very important to implement, especially in a society, because the norm is most closely related to the community. Once there was a violation of the norms of decency, offenders will be sanctioned from the community, such as ridicule. courtesy demands in a life together. There are norms that must be met in order to be accepted socially.

Penalties for violators of the norms of decency is not firm, but can be provided by the community, in the form of ridicule, taunts, insults, or ostracized and alienated from society as well as in permalukan.SIFAT BASED HUMAN BIRTH MONTH …
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- Like to educate and be educated.

- It is easy to see the weaknesses of others and like to criticize.

- Diligent and always made any profit.

- Likes to clean or clean-up and the things that completely regular.
Philosophy of language is a combination of linguistic science and philosophy. This science investigates JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIA the nature and status of language as a human activity as well as the basics of conceptual and theoretical linguistics. Philosophy of language is divided into an ideal philosophy of language and philosophy of everyday language.

Land management is also of course have to pay attention

Land management is also of course have to pay attention to the topography and contours of the land situation . The more steep then the situation will be even greater degree of erosion that occurs . If the level the greater the erosion of topsoil and nutrients in the soil will semakain much lost . Here are the levels of steepness and soil properties
1 . almost Flat
The topography of the land on such properties watering good , easily processed small erosion threat , not threatened by flooding . excellent ability to hold water , fertile , and response to fertilizer . In such land is very suitable to be used as agricultural land
2 . slope Ramps
On the topography of the land as it has properties including poor soil structure , there is the threat of erosion , processing must be careful ,
3 . slope Slant
On the topogr Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercayaaphy of the land as it has properties of both of them planted to annual crops easily eroded undulating land the rocks , low water holding capability .
4 . Leaning Slopes and Hilly
On the topography of the land such as this has a thin layer of soil properties , the ability to withstand low water very easily eroded and , frequently flooded . high sodium content
5 . flat
On the topography of the land as it has the properties of which are not suitable for agriculture , always under water and rocky soil
6 .. Somewhat Steep Slope
On the topography of the land as it has properties such rocky ground , strong erosion , notmatch for agriculture .
7 . scarp
On the topography of the land as it has properties such rocky soil , erosion is very strong , very shallow roots , only for pasture
8 . Very Steep Slope
On the topography of the land as it has the nature of which is rocky and very low ability to hold water not suitable for agriculture , over the corresponding left ( naturally )


3.1 . conclusion
Based on the data that has been written can be concluded that pngolahan land is one important factor in agriculture , because land management is a process beginning prior to planting .


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Papers Various Kinds of Land Management

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Some of the plow (A = intake , B = main flow, C = output)

Some of the plow (A = intake , B = main flow, C = output)

In the first category , the p
Pasang Iklan Gratislow blade ground trying to push upwards causing increased tension on the section . As soon as this voltage becomes equal to the strength of the soil ( soil strength ) which is the sum of soil cohesion style and virtuoso style in , the field collapse began to take shape and spread quickly to the ground. Field collapse separating slab of the stone slab of the stone ground where the soil is moved further up the device , but still in solid condition . Once the process is complete separation is after tension beyond the cohesion and friction in the cutting resistance will fall to finally go back due to style stroller / work tool . This process repeats itself until the next slab of the stone forming ( Sohne , 1956 ) .

In the second category , each volume element of soil experiencing possible deformation of the soil slice with changes in the direction of work tools without having to break.

In the third category , ploughshare into the ground and gave rise to tension in the land , which at some point will begin to arise fractures. The incident will continue to horizontal direction and creating the path of the plow blade .

Figure 12. intake process

Pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftarpenetrate into the cracks like wedge , until the crack continues . Crack propagation direction is not fixed. In some instances the more cracks down and up, until the blade can no longer operate raenurut crossing the cracks but should raenembus solid ground as before. At that time, the speed of the formation of cracks raenurun and often at some speed is zero. With the resumption of the plow blade penetration on solid ground ( intact ) then the new period of the intake process begins again .

So the intake process , there were times where the blade penetrating or cutting new ground ( intact ) and occasionally worked as a wedge as cracks that usually persists in continuous and changing direction . Limit the movement and motion the formation of cracks may affect each other making it possible following the onset of the phenomenon , namely the formation of holes or channels at the bottom left Furrow and sliced ​​under Furrow and slices left on the main flow.

Main Process Flow: Form the basis of the main flow is determined by the variation of the basin ( kurvatur ) plow blade . Here are shown some examples of variations basin plow : -

Plow blade angle that will grow bigger basin at the edges .
Plow blade angles become smaller basin at the edges .
Plow blade with a constant angular basin .

At the corner of the basin plow grow bigger on the edges , the flow around the place are as follows . Soils derived from the intake process is transferred to the output through the main flow. For the main flow, the soil can be also changed . Sectional shape of which is produced by the process is determined by the flow around the intake process . When the intake process including deductions categories , then the slice of land would be continuous . An intake process is accompanied by the collapse of the line will produce the slice of land that consists of blocks of land , moving with lines separated by the collapse of a parallel one another. When open fractures formed during the intake process usually around flow will receive a slice of land that have cracks in the bottom. The top of the slice of land that connects the slice of land that suffered cracks referred to as ” hinges ” .

There are three types of land that will slice through the main flow, namely ( Figure 13 ) :

Slice the land intac
Jual Sepatu Online Murah t , and not broken ( I)
Slices of land that are connected by hinges ( II )
Slice rood of land with synchronous motion ( III )

Slice type I : the land in the process flow does not suffer from broken play . When there is full contact between the bottom surface of the slice of land with a plow, ’ then all the slices of this land will have deformation due to non- constant angle plow basin . In certain circumstances there may very well be lost contact between soil and surface plow sliced ​​up to form cracks on the bottom of the slice of land , as shown in Figure 14 .

Figure 13. Main Type Flow

Slices of type II : when sliced ​​land into play flow consists of blocks of land that are united by hinges , and it appears that the bundles are not weaker than the respective bond deduction of the land, then the land will be sliced ​​behavior similar to the behavior of the soil slice type I ( unbroken strip ) . When the hinges is much weaker than the bonds off the ground beneath the basin each change in angle will be absorbed entirely by the hinges until the pieces of land will move as rigid objects during a plow blade . Accordingly corner basin grows, so will crack under the hinges to widen alarmingly . Usually cracks that produce hinges are formed from the base of the slice leads to the next and on , and off the ground will be f
Joko Warino Blogormed according to this pattern .